• The Oppenheim Group agents on Selling Sunset have a mix of experience levels, with some long-time realtors and recent rookies claiming to have the best connections and clients.
  • Jason Oppenheim, the founder and president of the brokerage, has the most impressive real estate sales history with over $3 billion in sales and over 500 transactions since 2010.
  • Mary Fitzgerald is the most successful and impressive real estate agent on the show, with over $100 million in sales and an active listing in November 2023 listed for $3.2 million.

While waiting for the arrival of the Selling Sunset season 7 reunion episode, many may wonder which Oppenheim Group agents are as successful as they say they are. The LA-based reality series has become popular on Netflix for its tours of luxury California homes and drama on top of drama. Another reason for the show’s immediate high ratings was season 1’s captivating lineup, and the cast hasn’t changed that much. Now, on Selling Sunset season 7, the cast still features several originals: Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Mary Fitzgerald, and Chrishell Stause. Also notable is Amanza Smith, who joined the group in the series’ second installment.

Selling Sunset season 7 brought the first official crossover between the LA agents and Selling The OC cast, all working under the Oppenheim brothers. An interesting aspect of the Selling Sunset agents is that they have multiple realtors who have worked for the O group for many years, and as of recent seasons, they now have rookies in the real estate game. Yet, most of them regularly claim to be the ones who locate the best listings or have the best connections or clients. What’s most important, however, is which one has the most impressive real estate sales history in Los Angeles?

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10 Jason Oppenheim

Oppenheim Group Founder & President

Jason Oppenheim is the king of the entire brokerage, as well as the show. As the founder and president, he is expected to have the most impressive real estate sales lineup. Jason has been directly associated with (by either playing the role of the buyer or seller’s agent) roughly 504 real estate transactions since obtaining his broker’s license in 2010. The completed sales documented on Zillow have certainly contributed to his more than $3 billion in sales to date. Additionally, according to the Oppenheim Group website, Jason is regularly regarded as a top US agent and often the #1 agent in the Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood.

9 Brett Oppenheim

Oppenheim Group Co-Founder, Oppenheim Real Estate Founder & President

The co-founding twin brother to Jason, Brett Oppenheim, is equally grand. Although Brett left the Oppenheim Group to start his brokerage, Oppenheim Real Estate, he’s still very involved with the O group’s new office construction featured in Selling Sunset season 7. Brett’s real estate skills and subsequent industry success are assumed to mirror Jason’s but in a more behind-the-scenes manner. Although licensed in 2007, Brett’s Zillow listings only amount to roughly 29 sold homes, but he is similarly respected as a high-level, top-rated LA agent.

8 Mary Fitzgerald

Oppenheim Group Vice President, Licensed Realtor Since 2008

Side by side images of Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald

Mary is Jason’s right-hand at the LA office, taking on business management responsibilities and property conversions alongside the brokerage’s president. She’s also the peacekeeper among the other women when drama ensues. Mary also happens to be the most successful and most impressive real estate agent of all the Selling Sunset cast. The O Group’s website makes it known in her bio that she has more than $100 million in sales under her belt. Mary is also the only Selling Sunset agent with an active listing in November 2023– listed for $3.2 million on the MLS.

7 Nicole Young

Licensed Realtor Since 2016

Nicole Young from Selling Sunset

Nicole Young often reminds colleagues and viewers that she has been with Jason since the beginning. She has not been a fan favorite on Selling Sunset, but Nicole’s sometimes overly confident attitude is backed up by her sales performance. Nicole has generated more than $76 million in real estate sales since 2016, topping the other Selling Sunset agents by a large number. She has also closed plenty more deals than the others, with 31 closed sales documented in the MLS. This stat shouldn’t be shocking, as her personality on the show is clear — she means business, and she’s proud of her career accomplishments.

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6 Heather Rae El Moussa

Licensed Realtor Since 2014

Heather Rae Young El Moussa has been an agent since 2014 and, before that, was a professional model for many years. She was featured in only one episode of Selling Sunset season 7, and although her real estate career status with the O Group has yet to be quite clear, the MLS shows Heather does not have any currently active or pending sales. Since being hired by the Oppenheims, Heather has closed on nine homes in the greater Los Angeles area, totaling over $28 million in sales, one of those being $14 million, or half of her total sales with the brokerage.

5 Chrishell Stause

Licensed Realtor Since 2016

Chrishell Stause wearing a white dress and smiling on Selling Sunset

The former soap opera actress made a career switch in 2016 by obtaining her California real estate license. Since then, Chrishell’s Zillow listings have amounted to an estimated seven total sales. But, in LA, that means she has sold over $23 million worth of real estate. In the roughly seven years she has been active as an agent, she endured a public divorce and has filmed seven Selling Sunset seasons back-to-back. Yes, the show films the agents while working, but it certainly impacts their productivity. Seven sales in seven years while filming seven Selling Sunset seasons; perhaps Chrishell has a designated lucky number for this time period.

4 Emma Hernan

Licensed Realtor Since 2016

Emma Hernan has been a licensed real estate agent since 2019 and, with the Oppenheim Group, has also seen great success in the industry. Emma’s most recent notable career highlight was the closing of Harry Styles’ home, which sold for $6.7 million. According to the MLS, Emma has sold five homes in her four years of activity, totaling about $21.5 million. However, the combination of her real estate and modeling careers, her habit of investing from a young age, and her vegan food business famous for its frozen empanadas have made Emma “a self-made multi-millionaire,” according to her brokerage website bio.

3 Amanza Smith

Licensed Realtor Since 2020, Interior Design Expert

Amanza Smith on Selling Sunset looking at camera

Amanza Smith has an active real estate license, according to the MLS, but she has not been featured on Selling Sunset as a sales agent in quite some time. Instead, Amanza is best known for staging houses to attract prospective buyers and interior design work for Oppenheim Group clients. Fans were introduced to Amanza as a close friend of Jason’s in Selling Sunset season 2 and watched her struggle with her attempted transition from designer to realtor. Amanza is still assumed to be successful in her exclusive corner of the business, but factual information regarding her commission is not readily available.

2 Chelsea Lazkani

Licensed Realtor Since 2017

Chelsea Lazkani is one of the newer agents, with her fiery arrival in Selling Sunset season 6. Along with her continuous battle with another season 6 newcomer, Bre Tiesi, Chelsea is similar to Nicole in that she can become quite competitive with the other agents. But do her numbers impress in the way Nicole’s do? According to her MLS listings, Chelsea has closed on four homes total, equaling a little over $9.6 million in sales, but not all for the Oppenheim Group. Two of the homes she sold were achieved through her former brokerage, Rodeo Realty.

1 Bre Tiesi

Licensed Realtor Since 2017

Bre Tiesi from Selling Sunset in two-toned suit jacket with hair straight

Bre Tiesi is a newer Selling Sunset agent and a spicy one. When she isn’t defending herself against Chelsea, she boasts about her notable real estate moves. However, the MLS only indicates that Bre has sold two properties for $5 million total; one was under her previous employer. This is extra intriguing because in Selling Sunset season 7, episode 11, Bre asked Jason for a higher profit percentage, and he responded that she has yet to make him any money (which is far from how she sells herself on the show). The season ended with Bre seemingly reconsidering her position at the O Group because she felt undervalued.

Through the Oppenheim Group, the Oppenheim twins have produced some pretty outstanding real estate agents over the years. The Selling Sunset cast only features a small number of their employees and brokerage success. Understandably, the brothers may be considered mega-real estate moguls. Their skills stem from 1889 with their great-great-grandfather, who supposedly started one of the first-ever firms in LA. The successes of the active Selling Sunset agents are awe-inspiring but not comparable to real estate in any other major city in the US. So, for the realtors out there, don’t feel bad.

Selling Sunset is now streaming on Netflix.


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