Selling Sunset star Bre Tiesi might exit the show due to disagreements over commission. However, what is the commission split policy at the OG?


  • Selling Sunset agents at the Oppenheim Group earn between a 50-70% commission split
  • Unlike some careers, real estate agents at the Oppenheim Group do not earn a salary and rely solely on commissions from successful deals.
  • Despite the commission-based nature of their career, Selling Sunset stars can make substantial earnings from a single successful sale and often enjoy luxurious lifestyles.

Selling Sunset stars at the Oppenheim Group earn a considerable commission on every successful deal. After another dramatic and explosive finale and reunion, Selling Sunset season 7 ended with the future of some of its stars hanging in the balance. One of the highlights of the finale was Bre Tiesi’s argument with Jason Oppenheim over her treatment at the company.

One major issue Bre raised was that she was not receiving the same commission as some of her colleagues. Bre argued about her value to the company before leaving the office visibly upset. The altercation has since left her future with the company in doubt and also raised discussions on how much commission agents earn at the Oppenheim Group.

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Selling Sunset Stars At The Oppenheim Group Get Between A 50/50 & 70/30 Commission Split

During the Selling Sunset season 7 reunion, it was revealed that agents at the Oppenheim Group are subjected to a 50-70% commission split. This means that 50-70% of the commission goes to the agent, and the rest goes to the brokerage, the Oppenheim Group. He believes that their high sales make up for the low split. For example, if Bre brings the buyer, she gets between 50-70% of the commission, while Jason and Brett take 30-50%. The best-case scenario for an agent is to have double-ended deals, which is to represent the buyer and also the seller.

Selling Sunset Stars At The Oppenheim Group Do Not Earn A Salary

Unlike some marketing careers that come with a salary, working as a real estate agent for the Oppenheim Group means money is only made when there is a sale. Working for commissions can sometimes be frustrating since an agent can spend months with a client who might eventually end up not buying or selling a property. However, according to Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald, an agent might sometimes make a huge commission with minimal effort when a client finds something they love immediately (via Grazie).

Despite their commission-based career, the Selling Sunset stars often appear donning designer clothes and live in million-dollar homes since a single successful sale or purchase might mean millions in earnings. Also, most Selling Sunset stars have other businesses they run alongside their real estate and reality TV careers.

The Selling Sunset season 7 reunion is now streaming on Netflix.

Source: Grazie

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